My name is Jordan Ingola and I am a grade 5/6 French Immersion teacher at École Connaught Community School in Regina. This is my second year as a teacher and I love incorporating technology into my classroom wherever and whenever I can. Many of the students in my class are still too young to have phones/technology or do not necessarily have the means to purchase such devices on their own. For many of them, some of their first interactions with certain types of technology are in the classroom – which makes it essential that they understand the responsibility that comes along with its usage. It sets the tone for the rest of their technological education. They must learn how to use it appropriately before using it to their advantage.

As an immersion teacher, Google Read & Write is a tremendously positive and useful tool in my classroom that gives students the opportunity to edit their work by listening to it orally. As the computer reads back their work to them, they are able to follow along and catch errors more easily. They are also able to improve the flow and fluidity of their sentences. As for students who are researching or reading articles online (working on comprehension strategies), they can easily look up definitions of new words or have them read back to them. Both the text-to-speech and speech-to-text features really are a great asset to any student.

Photo Credit: Teknobeyin Flickr via Compfight cc

Staying on the subject of Google, Google Docs and Slides are a staple of our classroom projects. Through these, students can instantly share their work with me and allow me to track their edits and changes along the way. I can also add comments and provide students with feedback mid-project. Stay tuned to my later blog posts for more on Google within the classroom.

As part of ECMP 355, I will be updating my blog twice a week. Blogging is incredibly beneficial in terms of sharing of resources and professional collaboration among teachers and colleagues. It is a great platform to engage one another on a professional and educational level and allows teachers to put their thoughts into words at the end of the day – something that seems to get lost in the chaos of teaching. The self-reflection aspect of blogging is perhaps the most appealing from a personal standpoint.

In addition to my blog, feel free to network with me through my professional Twitter profile.

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  1. Hi @tmweller, we actually move into our new building this summer and will be all set up for September 2017. Lots of packing to do but very exciting times! Can’t wait.


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