No more wall space means time to dry the paintbrushes.

As I wrap up my learning project, I’m very happy with my progress. I’m also faced with a problem: What do I do with all of these paintings?

Since I learned to paint using technology, I figured that trying to get rid of the paintings through technological means would be the most logical route.

My first stop: Varage Sale. I have had 4 of my paintings posted for a few weeks now and have not had any luck. I have been “bumping” them every few days, which basically just means bumping them back up to the top of the categories so that they have a greater chance to sell. I am asking $40 each, which is probably a little overpriced, however, as the artist, I am most-likely the one who sees the most value in the paintings.

My plan now is to give it a little more time, and then I will branch out into the Etsy world. Etsy seems to be more geared toward artists and might increase my chances of selling. It is also not limited to the Regina area. The process for signing up for Etsy is fairly easy, however, I’ve been putting off the actual listing of the paintings, simply because they require a lot of details (dimensions, etc.). Also, if paintings sell, I will most-likely have to ship them, which is obviously not as easy as a face-to-face transaction that VarageSale offers.

This article gives a number of helpful tips for selling art of Etsy and will most-likely be my go-to resource once I begin my Etsy journey.

Photo Credit: jennycastillo1 Flickr via Compfight cc

My final option is Ebay, which is very similar to Etsy, but is not specifically geared toward art (although it does have a “Collectibles and Art” category). The upside, however, is that it has been around much longer than Etsy and, I assume, reaches a larger number of people.

In closing, from materials, to original sketches, to the actual painting, and finally to selling, technology has allowed for every phase of this learning project to be executed from an informed standpoint. This project would have been much more daunting 50 years ago, but thanks to technology, the information I needed was easily accessible to me. I will continue to paint and am content to know that I have found a new lifelong hobby that I can always return to. The process is therapeutic, and is particularly beneficial after a long day of teaching. The impacts that we make on our students are not always evident or tangible, making it nice to be able to visibly see the completion of your own creative project.

Paint on, readers. Paint on.

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