Blank Canvas No More

I pulled up my chosen picture of Marge Simpson on my Macbook Pro and began mixing my colours. I had already sketched her figure onto the canvas, so now it was time to fill her in. I started with her yellow skin, the tone of which I was able to find online (see my last blog post).

As I looked at her picture online, I took note of lighter and darker tones, particularly in her hair. When I mixed my colours, I had one light, one medium, and one darker tone. On the right side of her body, I used the dark tones. On the left, I used the lighter tones. It created a really cool effect. I did this with her green dress, her yellow skin, and her blue hair. She was composed of just those three colours, plus her red/orange necklace.


While using the brushes, some of the bristles were very hard and coarse, while others were soft and thin. I had no clue when to use which brush, so I simply Googled it. I was brought to, which outlined the different types of brushes and what they are used for. It was very helpful, particularly in realizing that I had really “cheaped out” when buying my supplies. It was very clear to me that I did not have the appropriate brushes. But I kept on painting anyway. It was too late in the game.


After I had finished colouring her in, I gave her a pink background colour, which is a colour quite commonly used on The Simpsons. I then took out my thick Sharpie marker and began to trace out her eyes, her dress, her hand. As I did this, she began to “pop” – she started looking like a real cartoon character. I’d love to say this idea came to me from research, however, while I was in Dollarama, I saw the biggest Sharpie I had ever seen in my life and stopped to look at it. When I did, I thought it would be perfect for my project, rather than unsteadily tracing Marge out with black paint (which was my original game plan). I was more confident with the marker. Perhaps in other blog posts, I will teach myself how to successfully outline with black paint instead. Time will tell.


All in all, I am happy with my final product and am actually very excited to continue working on my style and technique. I’d also like to incorporate a more complex background to accompany my chosen character. Next week’s challenge: Squidward Tentacles from Spongebob Squarepants.